Can I deduct my acting classes and headshots? | VK Consulting LLC
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LoganEver thought of becoming an actor or even better have you child be a star?!

And here you go: pay for acting classes and camera coaches, taking headshots, getting and paying manager and agent fees. All those expenses are deductible if you are aggressively pursuing acting career.

Regardless of how aggressive you are pursuing your dream of becoming a star, union dues are always deductible, but only if you itemize.

Aspiring actor can deduct costume purchases, unless clothes for the costume can be worn as everyday wear. This type of purchase is not deductible. Don’t forget to keep your receipts.

And no, you cannot deduct tickets to a movie theater or a subscription to Netflix, unless you really did a research and documented in details what was the purpose of watching this specific piece and what did it do for you and your career.

Bottom line what expenses can be deductible depends on how IRS looks at activity and classification of it as a activity for profit or a hobby.