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Serving alcohol at an open house.

Did you know that even though you as an agent want to serve champagne at your open house, your broker have a right to approve or disapprove this action, so check with your broker before you do it!

But besides approval from your broker, a license is required when open house with alcohol is open to the public and you must have both:

-an on sale license from California department of Alcoholic beverages and Control  (The ” ABC”) and

-a type 58 catering permit also issued by the ABC


Here is some challenges of serving an alcohol at an open house even if you obtained both permits:

– Make sure no minors are present

– Whoever is serving alcohol have to require identification from guests ( to make sure that are 21 and older)

– Identify if guests are intoxicated and do not serve alcohol to those guests

– Impose a drink limit on all guests

-Include a variety of alternative, non-alcoholic beverages


If it is a broker open (open house is not open to the public)

You may serve alcohol without a license if these three requirements are met:

  1. There is no sale of alcohol
  2. Even is not open to the general public
  3. Premises are not maintained for the purposes of keeping, serving, consuming alcoholic beverages.
  4. There should be a list of names of people invited, if someone is admitted who is not on a list, event is considered public and license is required


civil code 1714 and Business and Professional Code 25602 and 25602.1

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